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Principal Investigator

theodore_website Dr. Rachel M. Theodore joined the UConn community in the Fall of 2011.  She is director of the UConn SLaP Lab located in the D.C. Phillips Communication Sciences Building.  She is also Research Affiliate at Haskins Laboratories.  She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Northeastern University and completed post-doctoral training in Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences at Brown University.  Both her B.S. and M.A. are in the field of Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Ph.D. Students

drouin_website Julia Drouin is a third-year doctoral student and an NSF IGERT Fellow.  She received her B.A. in Psychology and SLHS from the UConn in 2014.  Her research examines functional plasticity of speech sound representation.
monto_website Nicholas Monto is a third-year doctoral student and an NSF IGERT Associate.  He received his B.S. in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Connecticut in 2014.  His research examines the neural basis of reading ability and its relationship to speech sound representation, and computational accounts of talker-specificty in spoken language processing.

M.A. Students

graham_website Stephen Graham is a graduate student in the Speech-Language Pathology Master’s program.  He received his undergraduate degree at UConn in 2015 in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Linguistics.  His research focuses on distributional learning in individuals with language impairment.

 Undergraduate Students

Erin Flanagan
Class of ’17, Honors
Major(s): COGS
Emma Hungaski
Class of ’19, Honors
Major(s): SLHS, COGS
Emily Opramolla
Class of ’18; Honors
Major(s): SLHS
Taylor Laubenstein
Class of ’17
Major(s): SLHS
Kayla Marcinczyk
Class of ’17
Major(s): SLHS
Anna Thomas SLHS
Anna Thomas
Class of ’17
Major(s): SLHS
Olivia Stickles
Class of ’17
Major(s): SLHS

Millie Quevedo

Class of ’17
Major(s): SLHS

Myles Mocarski

Class of ’17
Major(s): SLHS

Ann Priolo

Class of ’18
Major(s): COGS

Alex Liner

Class of ’17
Major(s): SLHS

Khloe Gu

Class of ’17
Major(s): PNB, COGS

 Lab Alumni

Graduate students Alexandra Bohner, M.A. (2015)
Kelly Casey, M.A. (2015)
Minal Kadam, M.A. (2015)
Shayna Marmon, M.A. (2015)
Joslynn Noyes, M.A. (2014)
Jean Campbell, M.A. (2013)
Janice Lomibao, M.A. (2013)
Undergraduate students Divya Ganugapati, RISE (2016)
Moira Lewerk, RISE (2016)
Peter Tiley, RISE (2016)
Jacqueline Ose, SHARE (2016)
Maria Marotti, B.A., (2016)
Ashley Bean, B.A. (2016)
Malia Pratt, B.A. (2016)
Alice Hughes, B.A., (2016)
Lisa Brody, B.A., Honors (2015)
Katlyn Salvador, B.A., Honors (2015)
Emily Thompson, B.A., Honors (2015)
William Baron, B.A. (2015)
Alexandra Gagas, B.A. (2015)
Jenean Jourdan, B.A. (2015)
Carol Baingana, B.A. (2015)
Sarahann Cooper, B.A. (2015)
Stephen Graham, B.A. (2015)
John Gerrity, Jr., B.A. (2015)
Taylor Leach, B.A. (2015)
Shannon Hughes, B.A. (2015)
Kylie Hill, B.A. (2015)
Madeline Moulton, B.A. (2015)
Kayla Bleau, B.A. (2015)
Heather McSherry, B.A., Honors (2014)
Rebecca Sylvia, B.A., Honors (2014)
Sarah Montanaro, B.A. (2014)
Devin Roscillo, B.A. (2014)
MaryKate Bisaillon, B.A. (2014)
Emily Butterworth, B.A. (2014)
Elana Katz, B.A. (2014)
Megan Laskey, B.A. (2013)
Alexis Giroux, B.A. (2013)
Alexandra Bohner, B. A. (2013)
Vanessa Springer, B.A. (2013)